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Pretty sure Wallace is highly 'fabulous'.

In all seriousness, I really see no need. Myself I'd rather if people just didn't care about my, or anyone else's sexuality. I see no need for people to hold up a flag on my behalf just to say 'look we except you!'.

Originally Posted by Pachy View Post

On the idea of Attract, they could use the same odds of finding a shiny, that once in a while you'd actually successfully "Attract" or be "Attracted" by a Pokemon of the same gender. I doubt anyone who might find that offensive would notice.

Personally I'd find it nice if they offered a way to "change your outfit" and conveniently didn't restrict your choice of clothing. Perhaps be able to pick a boy or girl, and then your trainer outfit for the entire game out of a pool of all possible trainer outfits. :3

But that might be considered too bold a move. Hard to say if GF or Nintendo would ever do that.
I'd like that, I usually end up playing as a guy because the girls are always wearing extremely feminine clothes and most of them have either a skirt or dress. A pair of jeans really wouldn't be that much to ask right?
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