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Accatosh "Blitzkrieg" Corronis

Accatosh felt a sensation as he watched more of the events between Vigil and Penance unfold in Penance's lair. the message was recognizable by the bends in Palkia's energies... and a message came clear.

I've been attacked by an unknown fighter! He's far too powerful to be an Ancient, and he's managed to blind me! Help!

IT WAS PALADIN... he seemed weakened... and injured. Accatosh spend no time wondering what was going on. He quickly took off, and flew up one of the upward tunnels towards, the surface.

In time Accatosh, finally surfaced and launched himself out of the ground. and into the blue skies. he continued ascending until he could see the entire city, Explosions were everywhere, Aincients killing innocents... it made a tear come to his eyes...

Then his anger reached a point to be called rage... so much suffering... he hated it. he roared his rage to the sky, and city... his roar had no words to it... only the sound of a dragon hurt by all the suffering that was going on... all the pain... all the anguish... he then went off to find Paladin...

Accatosh eventually saw them, without thought Accatosh rammed into the pokemon holding Paladin down with a Giga Impact, sending the pokemon, a good distance away.

"you alright Paladin?" Accatosh asked helping the Golurk up, his voice concerned, both for what had just happened, and for Paladin's state of mind. it wasn't completely normal.