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Originally Posted by Enestor27 View Post
Hi guys I'm new here. I just came here mostly to discover the new news of pokemon and finding new poke hacks to play on my free time. I forgot to mention my name is Enestor (don't ask how the name came about, it's a weird story). But I do actually do videos, if you were wondering just type my name on a youtube search and you'll find me, but I just wanted to just branch out to the pokecommunity. I hope to see some interesting news and hacks from this website :D
Hey there Enestor, welcome! :) You can include a link to your Youtube channel in your signature; that's the best way to get people aware of your account and is much better than including it in posts. Feel free to leave a link there if you'd like.

And of course PC is a good source for Pokemon-related news since our members are all over anything new that happens to be revealed, hehe. You can expect to see it pretty much instantly here! And we're quite well known for our awesome hacks so you certainly won't be disappointed. Welcome again and have a great time. :D

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