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Originally Posted by Apple Juice View Post
Just a route for my game Pokemon Amber. Sorry about the lines, in my absence I totally forgot how to take them away @__@
Obviously not available for anyone to use.
The bridge on the right somehow manages to connect to a layer one above its starting point. I agree with Rayquaza regarding the mountain tiles; either use a bordering set of tiles to start the grass off on each layer or have a smoother blend between rock and grass on the mountain tiles themselves. The bodies of water look particularly bad in this respect; I'd suggest a using a smoother tileset or ditching the water entirely, especially with the bottom edges being so far up; it appears as if you can walk behind them. I'll also suggest moving the sign up north to somewhere less in the midst of the path; possibly in front of the tree slightly to the right, or overlapping the two-tile path in front of the tree north of that. Other than that, nice work.