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    Originally Posted by Discordant View Post
    While I acknowledge the LGBT community should be considered equals, no. Think about it. Pokémon is primarily a kid's game. They don't even know their sexuality at their age, do we really need to introduce it to them prematurely? They'll feel pressured into deciding their sexuality, and possibly become slightly depressed.
    And oh God, the amount of lawsuits would be ridiculous.
    I can totally see where you are coming from Discordant. However, kids are exposed to all sorts of things these days. Pokemon handles heterosexuality with characters like Brock, who is a total skirt chaser, so why is it innapropriate for there to be any sort of gay character? They don't have to go into direct detail. It would just be a matter-of-fact type of thing, and not any major plot point. By that logic, children should never be around a gay person because it will make them question if they are gay. If parents properly explain it in an appropriate manor for kids, I can't see the harm in it.
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