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Victoria "Alys" Taimor - Bandit Fort, Currilan, Eveamoor

Alys groaned as she positioned herself up against the brick wall. A gust of wind briefly buffeted her as Castiel landed on her thigh, eyeing up the wound that continued to seep blood between her layers before screeching. She could tell that he was distressed at her apparent weakened state, but she gently stroked his plummage, muttering, "Shhh, it's going to be fine, Castiel, I'll be fine." But of course, Alys knew she wasn't going to be fine. Between the blood loss and the exhaustion, she was on the brink of passing out; and without further medical treatment, she could quite easily become rapidly sick and die.

Her bow now felt cool in her hands after having used her hunting knives for so long, and with her quiver she withdrew an arrow, notching it yet holding out on drawing the string. As soon as she did so she felt the wound tear further as pain now racked her body setting all her nerve endings on fire. Crying out in distress, she made Castiel wince, tears slowly streaming down her face. She had gone from being a high born noble to dying on the floor of a bandit fort within a matter of years; had this been the same fate Elizabeth had threatened her with the day she announced her departure from Rowanion? It seamed almost hilarious that her sister had been right; a noble born had no business dealing with the matters of those beneath them, but for years Alys had felt like she wasn't noble.

"I'm sorry, Castiel" she cried through the tears now streaming down her cheeks, "I didn't want it to end this way either."

She let the arrow fly at the bandit leader. It flew much faster and straighter than Alys would have been able to in the state she was in, striking the bandit leader in the knee. He let out a groan of pain as he collapsed to one leg; arrow firmly planted between his knee cap and his calf bone. Smiling, Alys let the darkness envelope and grasp her; the room and commotion fading away into the distance until Alys herself remained in the pitch blackness of her mind.
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