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    Originally Posted by Team Fail View Post
    Almost forgot to mention the unused songs in RSE. There was 3 songs: Saffron City, Route 38, and the Raikou/Suicune/Entei battle themes. There's also some stripped-down versions of the contest theme.
    I think in FRLG there was an unused song for Violet City of Gold, but later on I found that it might've been used for one of the Sevii Islands. Also, in Fire Red English version, in the bootscreen they didn't implement the "Presents" text although it was stored in the game. Also there was this screen with Torchic and two other Pokémon.

    And I think the gap between the numbers could be explained as inexplicable Pokémon ideas such as Shellos and test subjects.

    I think those unused OW sprites were meant for Special Events or something.

    Anyway Torchic with years is the laugh of the century but I'd really wanted the Blatiaken.

    More than four moves might've caused a deep imbalance, tho~


    And I was really surprised when I saw the snow effect in FireRed too.
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