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Chapter 4
Sesshomaru was gone for two whole weeks. Sakura remained curious about what was going on. Every night she kept hearing moans coming from the tower room. She had no clue what was going on around here,'I'll ask Sesshomaru when he gets back,' she decided. She went and cut on the warm water in her huge tub and stripped off her clothing, stepping into the water, thoughts on her mind about where Sesshomaru could of gone.

She heard Rin out in the hallway running around and Jaken chasing after her,"Get back here child, at once!"

"No!" Rin cried out, clutching her doll as she ran up and down the hallways. Sakura kinda giggled at what she was hearing. Rin could be a handful sometimes. She actually felt a bit sorry for Jaken. But only a bit. It didn't concern her in the least.

"Put some clothes on!" She heard Jaken call out. Rin had left her room in just her nightgown and was running around the palace, half dressed.

'Geez! Can't a person even take a bath in peace around here!' Sakura cried out in her head. She was starting to become annoyed. She got out of the tub, wrapped a robe around her and exited the bathroom, into her bedroom, walked over to her door, opened it and walked out into the hallway, catching up to Jaken,"Will you shut the hell up already! I'm trying to bathe!" She kicked Jaken across the hall, where he bounced around like a beach ball, then she headed back into her room, into her bathroom to finish her bath.

Rin sit there laughing, as Jaken came to a stop in the middle of the hallway landing on his face,"Girl! What's so funny!?"

"You are," Rin giggled.

Jaken was about to say something more when a servant came up to him saying,"Lord Sesshomaru has returned."

"Huh? Lord Sesshomaru's back?" Rin blinked. She then ran over to Jaken, grabbing the kimono he was trying to get her to wear and ran back into her room, which was actually right next to Sakura's room. She hurried, bathed, brushed her teeth and fixed her hair. She wanted to look nice for Sesshomaru. She was wearing the same yellow and orange checkered kimono that she always wore all the time. She pulled her hair into a side half ponytail and exited her room.

By the time Rin had left her room, Sakura was already heading down the hallway as well, towards the stairs. She was hungry and was heading down to the breakfast hall. She didn't care that Sesshomaru was back in the least. He had left them for two whole weeks, not even bothering to explain where he was going or what he was doing. So, instead of going to greet him, she went into the breakfast hall to get something to eat. She was in her normal priestess kimono that she always wore. White top and red bottoms, with black slip on shoes. She also had her bow and arrows strapped to her back, her sword at her waist.

"Sakura," said a voice.

'Oh ****!' She looked up to see that Sesshomaru was actually in the breakfast hall having breakfast as well,'Just my luck!'

"Lord Sesshomaru! Welcome back," squalled Rin as she entered the room right behind her sister. Sesshomaru just nodded in her direction as he turned back to his food.

"Hey! She just said something to you! Least you can do is answer her!" Sakura yelled,"Don't be such a..."

Faster then Sakura could blink, Sesshomaru had her pinned to the wall again, just like he had done a few weeks ago,"What was that you were about to say to me? I told you, know your place, human."

Sakura just glared at him and spit in his face,"Go on! Do something! I dare you!"

Sesshomaru didn't say or do a thing. He actually just let her go, after leaving just a few bloody scratches on her neck. What! He let her off easy this time. What's going on here? Normally he'd hit her for her insults to him. But this time he just let it slid.

"Lord Sesshomaru, can I play too?" Rin asked him.

"Rin, we're not playing a game," said Sakura,"We're fighting."

"Ya, can I play too?" Rin smiled.

Sakura shook her head.

"Why?" The child questioned.

"It's not a game for children," Sakura explained,"Now, go have your breakfast before it gets cold."

"Ok." Rin went and sat down next to Sesshomaru and started eating. Sakura glared at Sesshomaru, as she grabbed a small trap of food and took it up to her room to eat. She was obviously angry at him and didn't want to be near him right now.

'I can't believe him! He's so heartless. I don't know what Rin sees in a ***** like him. He's kind to her but treats me like trash. I can't stand him!' Sakura kicked the wall on her way up to her room. In her room, she sit on her bed, reading a story from a scroll as she ate her breakfast, trying to take her mind off of Sesshomaru's stubborn attitude.

She continued mopping around in her room until a servant popped her head into the room telling her,"The Lord wants you down in about an hour. He's about ready to head out now."

"I'll be down in a bit," said Sakura. She handed the empty food tray to the servant, went and gathered some things into a knapsack, that she'd need while on this journey. She then grabbed a few more bags and packed things into them as well. She didn't know how long she'd be gone and wanted to be prepared for anything. She'd just get Ah-Un to carry most of her things anyway. She was probably being a bit harsh on poor Ah-Un getting him to carry this much, but she didn't care. He was strong. He could handle the weight.

As soon as she was ready she had the servants help her carry her things downstairs, out of the castle where Sesshomaru, Jaken, Ah-Un and Rin were waiting for her. Ah-Un stared at all the bags of stuff and gave a,"You've got to be kidding me!" look.

"Oh, come on Ah-Un. You're a big strong demon. You can handle it. Do it for me," Sakura pleaded to the two headed beast. She petted him on his mane and he nuzzled into her neck, convinced to do what the woman asked of him. Suddenly though, she felt a tug on her kimono. She looked down at Rin,"What?" The child pointed out that Sesshomaru was leaving,"Crap!" She picked up her sister, placing her onto the beast's back and hooking her bags to Ah-Un, she started pulling him along after Sesshomaru's retreating form.

"Hmm, I wonder why Lord Sesshomaru wants to leave so suddenly after just getting back," Jaken wondered, not noticing the girls and Ah-Un passing by him to catch up to Sesshomaru,"Hmm, it's a real mystery. I wonder..." notices he's suddenly all alone,"Hey! Wait up! Wait for me!" Jaken then strambles to catch up to the others.

They caught up to Sesshomaru,"What's your problem, huh! You could of at least waited while I attached my bags to Ah-Un, you know! You're so...AGUH!" Sakura was even more angry now.

"There is no time to wait. We need to get going. We have a lot of ground to cover before nightfall. If you slow me down I won't hestitate to leave you behind," Sesshomaru said, with no emotion in his voice.

"You're such a jerk!" Sakura yelled very loudly. Sesshomaru didn't even answer her after she said that, just mumbled a bit as he continued walking.

However, Jaken was listening to her,"You dare to speak to milord that way, you human wrench!"

Sakura turned to face Jaken, glaring at him,"What did you say?" She had an evil look on her face as she glared hatefully at the toad.

Jaken turned very pale,"Uh...n...nothing." Sakura's look scared him and he didn't wish to feel Sakura's wraph right at this moment.

"That's what I thought." Sakura took Jaken's staff of two heads from him, beat him over the head with it and threw it back down at his feet, then got up onto Ah-Un's back with Rin as the beast continued walking.

'That woman's a monster!' Jaken thought, picking up his staff and starting to walk again, rubbing his head where Sakura had hit him at. The group walked on until nightfall. Rin had fallen asleep on top of Ah-Un's back by then. And Sakura who by now had forgiven Sesshomaru for eariler was now walking beside him and Jaken was pulling on Ah-Un's reins.

Sakura suddenly let out a huge yawn, covering her mouth with her hand as she yawned. It had been a long tiring day of travel. She just wanted to sit down and relax for the rest of the night. Sesshomaru was right about wanting to make tracks before nightfall. The group had traveled all day long, not stopping once. It was a good thing Sakura had packed a few sandwiches in the bags Ah-Un was carrying, so that her and Rin would have something they could eat on the road without having to stop and cook anything over a fire.

Sesshomaru noticing her yawn suddenly stopped in his tracks,"We shell camp here for the night." And Sakura being too tired to argue with him simply nodded.

"I'll go collect firewood," she told him.

"Jaken, go with her," Sesshomaru ordered.

Jaken sighed,"But why do I have to be the one to..." He saw the way Sesshomaru was looking at him and strembled quickly to his feet,"Yes! Yes, right away milord." He ran to catch up to Sakura's retreating form, though the darkness of the trees ahead.

Sesshomaru sighed as he sit down at the base of a tree and stared up at the sky. The group was in a huge forest full of trees. Which is where they had decided to stop for the night. Rin was still sleeping on Ah-Un's back as the huge beast laid down. He was very tired after the long day's journey as well. Well, after being loaded up with so much of Sakura's stuff who could blam him. However the beast liked Sakura and didn't want to show it in front of her that it was somewhat of a strain carrying so much stuff. The priestess adired Ah-Un's strength and he wanted to keep it that way.

Not long afterwards Sakura and Jaken came back with the firewood. Sakura sit it down and started the fire. It wasn't really cold. It was actually quite a warm night. The fire was just so they could have some light to see by and cook their dinner. Sakura took some dried meat out of a bag attached to Ah-Un. As she was removing it though, she had woken up Rin,"Good timing. I'm about to fix dinner," she informed her sister.

Rin slid down from Ah-Un's back,"Ok." She sit there clutching her doll as she watched her older sister cook the food over the fire. She cooked it in a pot she had actually managed to bring with them. Unknown to her, Sesshomaru was actually looking over watching the priestess cook the food as well. He seemed to be quite intridged by the woman. Well, it wasn't only her cooking that intridged him. It was also the fact she had the guts to stand up to everything he said and did. What was with this woman? Didn't she know he was a very powerful demon that could kill her in an instant, if he had so wanted to that is.

'What is it about you that interests me so?' Sesshomaru questioned in his head. He continued to watch Sakura cook as thoughts of the woman flowed though his mind. He seemed to be very attrached to the priestess,'Stop it!' He told himself shaking his head as he rubbed his fingers along his chin in wonder,'She's a human. A human! You can't be attrached to her! Besides you don't have emotions like this. They are beneath you.'

Suddenly his thoughts were interuppted by Sakura saying,"Lord Sesshomaru, you hungry?" She had finished cooking the food which was ham, potatoes and carrots and was offering him a plate.

"No thank you," Sesshomaru replied. He got up from where he was sitting, not bothering to say where he was going and left camp.

"Lord Sesshomaru?" Sakura questioned as he walked off though the trees not answering her back,"What is with him?" She wondered scratching her head and went back over to sit down with Rin and Jaken to eat.

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