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    Originally Posted by JayBrand View Post
    Thanks for the great and informative reply :D

    It really gave me some food for thought.
    After looking them up I think I will be aiming for this setup:

    Charmander/-meleon/-izard (fire/flying)
    Nidoking (poison/ground)
    Lapras (water/ice)
    Kadabra (psychic) (can't trade sadly...still keep after 30's?)
    Zapdos (electric/flying)
    Snorlax (normal)

    And I'll keep the option of going for Vaporeon/Jolteon and the other forms as an alternative I think.

    And consider something other than Kadabra since he is kinda stuck in that form for me.
    Him and Diglett have been ravaging opponents lately though so they do a good job atm at least.

    I'm not overly attached to any of them yet, but do keep Char and Nido with me at all times since they are the ones I've had the longest.

    Thanks again for the help

    @JNathan in regards to me using that team on the elite 4:

    Well, I haven't given things thought that far ahead yet, but I do expect having to swap out at least a couple of those, but what do I know?
    If I really like the team I might try and fail once before searching for something new