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I guess you could argue both sides to this question. In a way it is technically cheating. Game Freak, like mentioned before never wanted you to use this sort of method while playing the game. Also, what about if you threw on a Master Ball on the Pokemon you were going to clone? Not only would you get a duplicate copy, but you'd get another Master Ball, which is not supposed to happen as a Master Ball is crowned as the ultimate Pokeball and was intended for one time use. But I'm not sure, from videos I've seen it's possible to clone items that are on the Pokemon.

However in another way it isn't cheating. I mean as long as you're not tacking on items like Master Balls, it's perfectly fine. They're still legitimate Pokemon as long as they have moves that can be learnt by them etc. And even though I don't RNG and am not a person who is a frequent trader, I would certainly clone than RNG over and over for the same Pokemon. I mean it saves time and effort and in a way it shouldn't be classified as 'cheating'. But that's my opinion on this. XD
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