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Being remakes of Japan's original Pokémon Red and Green games, generation III's Kanto game's names were FireRed and LeafGreen. Many people wondered at the time if there would ever be a Pokémon WaterBlue version, as countries outside Japan received Pokémon Blue instead of Green and because Game Freak trademarked 'Pokémon WaterBlue Version'.

From Bulbapedia
According to Junichi Masuda, the reason why LeafGreen did not become WaterBlue outside of Japan was for the following reasons: A leaf is a symbol of peace, while fire and water are opposing concepts and thus would seem more like a conflict. A leaf is also an easier concept to grasp and translate into other languages, and in this world of conflicts, the creators wanted to give a name suggestive of a peaceful world. Game Freak also wanted a colorful drawing of a Bulbasaur family member on the boxart. Masuda explains that, as with legendary Pokémon, creating a title for each Pokémon game that can be used and easily understood in all countries is not an easy task.
So with that in mind, did you liked having a Pokémon LeafGreen, or would you have rather a Pokémon WaterBlue Version? Do you think a WaterBlue version is ever a possibility in the future? If you could choose between LeafGreen, FireRed and WaterBlue, which two would you choose?


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