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    Originally Posted by glitchguy View Post
    Pretty good tiles but the ones that standout are the restroom ones =P.And as vapor said some more screenies would be nice maybe a few showing the different seasons?And will all 649 pokemon in the game be catchable or not?

    Other than that it looks pretty amazeballs and hopefully you'll be able to complete it.And Fritz if you release it in Spanish imma kill you.<3

    No, I don't think all the 649 Pokemon will be catchable in the hack unless he uses the 649 Patch. Which is not released for the purpose of using it for hacks. Hacks are limited to the use of 393 Pokemon plus the 20+ blank spaces.

    And the seasons thingy you're mentioning is I think not possible with Fritz's current hacking skills he have to do ASM Coding and make differences with the tilesets which would most likely very hard to do. Shiny Quagsire has a documentation of it in the R&D forum if you want to check it out.

    And fritz please no spanish version. :3
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