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    Masato Ryu - Chapter 2 - Vatican City

    Masato was waiting for his partner for a while before he felt that he was wasting his time. After all, the speech could be happening at any time. He turned around, deciding not to wait any longer, and headed to the area where they teleport to Earth. He would answer to the Grims later for not waiting around. He concentrated and opened a portal to the Vatican. Everything he saw through the portal was bright and somewhat pristine. All of a sudden, Masato felt a sense of foreboding. He had a feeling that something bad was going to happen, something...BIG! He decided to push those feelings to the back of his mind for now as he walked through the portal...

    Instantly, he walked out onto the sidewalk as the portal shut behind him. Thankfully, no one saw him come in that way, or he'd have a lot of explaining to do. As he looked around to take in his surroundings, his eyes came upon a gigantic church-style building. That place must be the Vatican, he thought. Masato started heading that way, towards the Vatican. He noticed right away that, thanks to his appearance, he stuck out like a sore thumb. The looks he got from passers-by didn't make him feel much better: looks of fear and condemnation. So many people clutching their cross necklaces as they passed him, thinking it would keep them almost offended him, in a way. They thought HE was demonic? A smile crept across his lips as he thought about how they'd react to a REAL demon in their midst.

    He finally got to the building and noticed something was amiss. There was no one near the balcony. Why would so many people not want to miss this speech? This would be the single most-anticipated event in the world and no one was witnessing it? Maybe he was early, he thought, as the feeling of foreboding got stronger. Ignoring those feelings, Masato finally found a way inside (a slightly-ajar door) and used it. Now came the hard part: searching for his mark. He slowly made his way through the individual rooms, looking for the priest, keeping out of sight of anyone else there. As he reached the door for one room, though, he felt a shiver running down his spine. He felt that there was something in this room. Whatever it was, it was drawing him towards it...almost begging him to enter it. The door, however, was locked. He reached into his secret pocket, revealing his lockpick set. It took him less than a minute to unlock the door and quickly entered the room before anyone saw him.

    He turned to the room and saw a single chair at the end of the room. It was the mark he was looking for! Before Masato could react, however, the priest spoke. "Foolish Reaper," he spoke, his voice monotone and seemed like it was out-of-body. Was someone using his body to talk to him? "You came alone? You have no idea who you're dealing with!" the priest declared, as he slowly disappeared. All of a sudden, he heard laughing behind him. Quickly turning behind him, he saw a larger man wearing a white cloak, the hood pulled over his head to hide most of his face. A Harbinger! Hearing the doors lock all around him, the realization finally came to him. "This was a trap, all along...", Masato said to himself, mentally cursing himself for not being more careful.

    Again, the Harbinger laughed, "Of course. How else could we meet like this? You Reapers always get in our way, always interfere with our plans." The cloaked figure removed his hood, revealing an older gentleman (looked about 45 years old) with grey streaks in his hair. His eyes were an intense green and focused solely on Masato, as he revealed his arms. He had a set of claws on top of both hands, the blades extending past his knuckles by about a foot. A sinister grin formed on the Harbinger's face. "This time will be different," the man declared, "This time, YOU are the victim!" As Masato grabbed his weapons and readied himself for battle, the cloaked man closed his eyes and shimmered. Quickly, three more figures appeared and surrounded him. The Harbingers were all identical to the first: same cloak, same face, same weapons. All four of them slowly walked in a circle, laughing as Masato tried to keep his eyes on them, bracing for an attack. Now he knew why he kept feeling uneasy about this mission. Whatever happened next, he knew...this was going to be a tough battle.

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