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Originally Posted by Trainer Timothy View Post
Iris, 100%

1.) Her voice-actor is garbage, who can't act! (She's almost as bad as the entire cast of Beyblade.)

2.) Why is she so special that she gets an Axew as a starter? "Oh I'm of the Dragon Clan!" nobody cares!! And a Dragonite? I hope it dies via NewTwo.

3.) (And this is the most prominent reason.) Her hair... is so... stupid! It's huge and I hate, hate big hair. (Thank god I was born after 1980.).

Overall her entire design is pretentious and I hate her for it.
Eileen Stevens isn't that bad, IMO. I really like Iris' character development during her travels with Ash, but her hairstyle does annoy me sometimes.

Anyway, I never really liked Paul. He was too much of a jerk to Ash and even abuses his Pokémon.

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