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    Jack Robinson
    Rootdry Town
    Jack watched carefully as the little Cyndaquill attacked the massive Houndoom with his tiny little scratches. Jack then got shocked as the poor small Cyndaquill was badly bitten. He sent forward his Chimchar and made it use thunder punch to drive it away. Then he made it use scratch aimed right at its face and quickly as fast as it could it used thunder punch. Really glad it was damaging the foe Jack went over to see how was this poor unlucky fire pokemon and it's very unlucky trainer. Quickly turning around to see the massive Houndoom use Fire Blast hurting the poor little monkey pokemon. Chimchar used scratch to hold on it's back and then pummel it with thunder punches.

    Throwing punches may of looked good but well the massive fire dog pokemon could take those ferocious punches and just shook Chimchar off then he used crunch again nearly engulfing him then vicously biting him like he was food. Using his crunch he then used fire blast which nearly made Jack faint he knew a houndoom was tough but not this tpugh then he threw him over to Jacks feet looking reallysad and finally the dog used Crunch on Jack.

    Death to Team Plasma?
    Pokemon Crisis- Matt Razor-Manectric
    Pokemon Plasma-Jack Robinson-Chimchar
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