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♦ How do you react to being flirted with IRL and/or online?

IRL - I'm usually just flattered (and surprised) and go along with it, but my perceptions are unlikely to change.
Online - If it is a person I actually know see above, if not I can tolerate small stuff but if you get weird I get annoyed.

♦ Do you flirt online/IRL?

IRL - I'm not as much of a flirt as I am online as I am IRL, but I'm a lot more confident behind a coputer screen. Not to say I'm not nice and complimentary though.
Online - Not with randoms, unless it is a joke. But with girls I know I am somewhat of a "suggestive joker" than a flirter since we both will likely know I have no intentions. But with girls I am actually interested in I tend to be a lot subtler and a lot more... romantic for want of a better word.

♦ Are you a serious flirt or a joking flirt?

Both. If I seriously flirt with you though, it probably means I'd be happy to spend the rest of my life with you (at least at that point in time)... I get very attached.

♦ When is flirting creepy?

When you get random people you have never met asking to go into crazy BDSM... one of many examples.

Fun fact - I'm not very perceptive of subtle flirting, but I usually prefer it.

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