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I'm a bit oblivious to flirting irl, so I typically have no clue and just treat it as if it's a normal conversation. I was about to say it's probably been a long time since someone's flirted with me, but then again, how would I know? lol Though when it's obvious, it's obvious. Actually, I just remembered this one time my freshman year in college, I was in the library and this dude from the drumline came over and sat with me and we talked a while and like he asked for my number and my dumb reply was "I actually don't know my number...I can't text anyway" and like an hour later, I was like "...HEY. NOW I know what was going on!" He was p cute and had a cool name. ...What ever happened to h-- okay stop stop stop lmao.

I flirt with my bbys online all the time. <3

Take all my flirting, especially online, as a sign of affection haha. It's not serious, but I mean, if I'm gonna flirt with you online, we are probably somewhat good friends and that's how I'm showing you that you're adorable and nice and I like you. :3 Me trying to flirt with people in a serious manner RARELY comes out correctly, lmao.

It's a bit strange when it's someone that's like waaay older than you or if they're taken.

I'm oblivious to flirting when people flirt with me. I've had it happen before when someone would flirt with me, and then when they go away a friend of mine (usually my best friend, Sarah) starts giggling and is like "She totally likes you!!" and I'm all "What?!?" and then she points out that she was flirting with me and I'm like "I just thought she was being nice." and I've had cases where I've apparently flirted with someone and she reacts that way too, to which I reply with "...I was just being nice, though."
Actually yeah, this. This is me. lmao I'm always afraid of complimenting people sometimes cause I'm afraid they're going to think I'm flirting, cause there are some people that take everything that way.

fyi nick i flirt with you all the time ;)

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