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If I may present you with a more formidable version of my idea.

From the Making, to the Age of Heroes, written by a Pokemon

Arceus created our world, shaped it with his infinite arms. He filled the world with water, raised lands and mountain, he planted the flowers and the trees, so that he may rest in joy. But the world quickly grew lonely. He created the living to walk upon it, us. Pokemon. Seeing how weak and vulnerable the first of our kind were, he filled the world with the fury of the elements and gifted us with their powers, so that we may defend ourselves, from us. But the elements themselves turned against us, fiercely ravaging the world that our god had created. Sixteen Plates rose from each of the elements of the world, circling around him, allowing him control over the world he himself had created. Order came at last, and the world was at peace, but the elements required guarding. He chose a few of us and named them Paragons (AKA Legendaries), assigning them with the mission of guarding the ferocity of the world itself and ensuring its stability. He gifted them with wisdom and brilliance, and great power. But their enormous task, as well as the power they bore, oppressed them in such way that they developed into entities far more powerful than common Pokemon. As our numbers grew over the thousands of years, these Pokemon had retreated to their havens, their forms forgotten and spoken only in legends. Now that the world was under control and stability, thanks to the Paragons, Arceus could rest at ease. He, like the Paragons, retreated to his haven, marking the end of the era which came to be known as the Making.

In the first of societies, we lived in the wild, with our instincts as our guides. As the eras after the Making passed, Arceus stirred from his haven to lay his eyes on our world once again. He saw fit to give us a gift equal to that of life: civilization. Wonders were raised, high as the mountains, cities sprouted across the land and sea, and we ourselves progressed and evolved, gaining new powers, as well as knowledge, more power thus. The first of us built Arceus the Sanctum of the Original One, a place where they would show our faith in his divinity, pledge for his protection and beseech his blessing. Seeing that his work has a decent outcome, he saw fit to bestow a part of his own powers upon the world. We basked in that blessing for years, until corruption arrived. The consequences of our evolution and newfound powers soon became clear. Our abilities broke the equality and balance that was well established – the superior could vastly overwhelm the inferior, now that they had acquired means of the great power lent by Arceus. Hierarchy was created then and the world came to be known as a single vast Realm that was ruled by one Pokemon, presumably the chosen one of Arceus; but that was a false claim they used to boost the faith of their followers - Arceus never consented to such. Tyranny overwhelmed civilization for years and the residents of this realm suffered from the constant wars for the ultimate monarch’s seat.

Until one day, when the living sighed in despair and the dead lay in the ground by the thousands, the Paragons united to put an end to this – they came upon the decision that Arceus's power was too dangerous to be free upon their frail world. They were to seal Arceus’s power, away from the reach of the mortals, but Arceus himself would not approve. After a cataclysmic battle with the Paragons, the Original One was put to rest in the Sanctum, while eight of the Sixteen Plates were parted from the rest and scattered throughout the world by the followers of the Paragons, to ensure his rest was continued and undisturbed. Their efforts to stop Arceus had exhausted them, and so when they had regained their rightful seats in their havens, they slipped into a deep, dreamless slumber, content that the peace and freedom had been restored in the land. Arceus’s vast and overwhelming powers were drawn from the world… but remnants of it still persisted. It appeared in those who carried the Plates, the ones who were guided by the Paragons. Often amongst their descendants, a prodigy would be born, showing great prowess and an affinity for using one of the elements particularly well. They came to be revered as heroes and envoys of the Paragons themselves, destined to carry out the peace they had established by protecting the power of Arceus, keeping it sealed well within the Sanctum of the Original One.

The era that dawned after the seal was put on Arceus's power was named the Age of Heroes.

[/cue the end]

The plot beyond this is quite simple. The Dread (or Dark) Plate is found by the latest King of the Realm and is used to fulfill his evil, visibly, purposes, and a hidden one as well. Now, the heroes starring have the exact opposite goals of the Paragons: they believe that if they wake Arceus, by uniting all Sixteen Plates again, peace will be restored. So, they set out on a quest to find and gather the remaining Plates, while having to deal with this King and many more obstacles along the way.

How does this sound?

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