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Originally Posted by shubham2207 View Post
What would i like to add is the pokemon league tournament just like in anime before we can battle the elite 4 and then champion. And i would like some mini tournaments like the battle club tour. Also, i would like to add some rivals like paul, tobias which never came across the game in gen 4, or trip/georgia/stefan/virgil etc, in gen 5. What i basically think is the games should follow anime in some way.
This would be a rather interesting turn (to have the games follow the anime), but I don't know, I always felt that there was some elements to the anime that should remain anime-exclusive, along with the games. I wouldn't mind if it if you had partners to travel along with you on your journey and whatnot like the anime, but yeah, I wouldn't want it to mirror every single thing the anime does, really.

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