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A good start to what should be an exciting season. My only minor nitpick is they didn't include a new opening to boot. That was slightly disappointing.

Overall, I enjoyed this episode. Nanette reminded me so much of Bianca, even going as far as choosing Tepig for her starter. I found her to be quite endearing throughout the episode. Watching Ash mentor her was probably my favorite part of the episode though. He just seemed so much more mature teaching her how to battle and telling her to be more sure of herself and just go for it. Don't over think things. Wise words coming from Ash. If only he was so wise throughout Unova earlier.

Speaking of Unova throughout, it was kind of refreshing seeing the old Team Rocket back again. I always said I preferred their darker antics, but seeing them back in old fashion again and even blasting off at the end was pretty nice. Another bonus, they actually have Pokémon that aren't half bad. I do have a problem with this though. They caught them off-screen and right now they come off as completely tasteless. There's no real personality to them, they just seem awfully dull. For example, when James sent out Amoonguss, I was expecting it to body slam James. Sadly, that didn't happen. I'm not expecting anything to happen, but I hope Team Rocket gets some serious character development and attention soon, because they haven't had any at all this entire season.

Also, loved seeing the writers give some love to Unfezant again since the League. Also, Pikachu seems to have gotten its normal boost in power at this time of the season while Ash has gotten more competent. It's good to feel like there's actual progress happening again.

Can't wait to see more of N. I literally cheered at the end when he showed up. Heh.
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