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♦ How do you react to being flirted with IRL and/or online?
I'm fairly unaffected by it, I'm not one of those people that can take a compliment to well, so usually I shrug it off indiffrently because it's my personal belief that most flirting is rather not genuine.

♦ Do you flirt online/IRL?
I'm told by others that I do ALOT, but I just see it as being nice to a person...idk..maybe?

♦ Are you a serious flirt or a joking flirt?
I suppose, if I'm intentionally flirting it's always joking, however as I stated above, people claim I'm a massive flirt without even trying so..serious?

♦ When is flirting creepy?
I honestly sometimes get creeped out by same-sex flirting directed at me. It's not that I'm homophobic or anything, quite the contrary, I'm just unsure how to react sometimes and that can get me a tad bothered. I'm reallllly bad at trying to tell someone I'm not interested so I end up just kinda being awkward in the situation.

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