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    Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
    Well, I'm aware of that, lol. But more often than not, they're not Caucasian. So if they do turn out to be Muslim (which I hope they aren't because that'd be more fuel for the people that jump to those conclusions) then egg on my face for assuming they're not Muslim. lol
    The older one was probably an extremist. The FBI got reports from Russia that he held radical islam views a few years ago, and the younger one from what I've read wasn't that religious (smoke and drank often) but also called himself a muslim.

    And yes, they're Caucasian Muslims out there; country I'm from (Albania) is pretty much all white and 70% of the population follow Islam iirc.

    Originally Posted by Rain Dancer View Post
    I'll leave these here.

    This has been awfully strange since the start.. Never hurts to inform ourselves, you can't trust all that comes out of the TV. Too many interests there controlling. ;)
    I don't understand why people think there are conspiracies about this. After seeing this pic, reading about Tamerlan having radical views (Youtube account had videos of other radicals I think), and both of them having bombs and weapons with them when confronted by police it should be pretty clear that they were the ones responsible for it.

    If they were innocent they would have just went to the police and clear their names, just like the guy that wore blue who was falsely accused of being a suspect by people on the internet. Instead they shoot an MIT officer for no apparent reason and carjack someone.
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