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    Originally Posted by BlahISuck View Post
    But Salafism is a big deal, and you can't say the same of any other religion in the world.
    It's only a big deal because the USA has made it one. Things like this have happened throughout history. There are things of this nature happening elsewhere in the world between different radical groups, but at most it'll get 20sec on the evening news, if acknowledged at all.

    I read somewhere that the news adheres to what pertains to the audience. The only reason we think that it's a big deal is because we're not being told the "deals" in other countries and places, unless we specifically search for them online. We might not even react the same because it's not "happening to us" either, and the journalists feed off that reaction. It kind of ties into desensitization where we have become so used to violence on TV and in video games, etc. that it is only appalling or horrific if it happens at home or close to it. Otherwise, the war in Iraq? As far as we're concerned, other people aren't dying; only our soldiers are. Women being raped in crimes of war? Nope, that doesn't exist either /protective-bubble-effect

    Plus, with the USA being a "super power" in the world atm, it's not farfetch'd to say that the news is biased towards USA-related events. The only time I ever see a highlight of violence in Europe is when Muslims are thought to be involved. Really, anywhere it's only "news" if Muslims are involved. The USA started that with their "War on Terror" nonsense. I totally get the premise, and it's a somewhat understandable reaction to what happened in '01, but imo it's gone on long enough. No good teaching the next generation to be racist and stereotypical; there's enough of that influence in other forms of media.

    Though I'm part of the "government may be behind certain things" people, so my opinion might be different than that of others.

    Is there any new "news" about the bombing itself, though?

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