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Salafism is taking root in many Arab countries that have previously been secular, modernist states. What used to be Arab nationalism is now giving way to an Islamic revival that is more literal than we liberal democrats would like. Jihadism is only comorbid with Salafism, but a growing spirituality and fundamentalism is evident in the Middle East. Even fashions are changing as men are increasingly sporting beards as an expression of their faith - that would've been unfashionable in Mubarak or Hussein's time - and look at al-Assad, but President Morsi has a beard. What they're doing now probably have the great Islamic philosophers rolling in their graves.

Even if it is given more attention than is deserved to the mainstream audience, it is nonetheless a powerful force that is changing how politics is done in the Middle-East and will inevitably affect the entire world. While this is no reason to stereotype Muslims, especially those who live in Western countries (although I feel this needn't be said), it's unfair to say that all religions have their fundies. Christian fundamentalism is a joke if you look at how the debate on homosexuality and abortion have turned out.
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