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    I've been thinking about starting a Dangan Ronpa RP, but first of all I've never made an RP before, and second of all I don't even know how many people here know of it, so it might not go too well. Technically, people wouldn't have to know what it is in order to be in the RP, the concept is simple enough to explain, but it certainly would help.

    Essentially its about a group of teens who each have a special talent or excel at something (baseball player, gambler, detective, ect.), chosen from around the country to become students at a prestigious academy. However, once they arrive, they find that they have been trapped in the school by an unknown party, and can't leave the school unless they kill another student. It gets more complicated than that, but that's the basic set up. I've been a part of one on tumblr, but I'd like to see how it would work on a forum like this.