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Originally Posted by Gonz0 View Post
Awww, that's so cute, it made me blush, lol.

I'll prolly get a new shop in early X/Y to fill my dex and to trade a bit before I'll be able to virtually RNG everything I want or need like it is right now.
You opening another shop?? :o I would definitely go window shopping if you did ;)
Originally Posted by Lapras* View Post
I'm actually not a Trade Corner regular but I'll admit I do go look at shops a lot and maybe I'll find something I'll like but then I won't end up posting because I don't have an up to date list of all my Pokemon and I don't want to go through all the ones I have and see what the person has. I got really lazy with trading recently it's bad. :(

I think I also kind of lost the motivation because a lot of the ones I have are common clones and RNGing is realllyy confusing especially because all the guides are for PC not Mac.

THAT WAS KINDA LONG but I used to trade a lot but now I don't really anymore, I guess I'll consider coming back in XY. n_n
Seems a lot of people are waiting for X and Y to come out before doing any major trading... Tabor isn't the only one wanting to speed time up to increase trading. Hopefully there will be lots more shops to choose from and go "window shopping" when X and Y are released. ;)
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