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    If I had seven yellow cards and three red cards, would I be suspended due to this:

    Earning 18 points or more or at least 10 infractions, whether expired or not will result in a three month suspension.
    Or do you physically need ten red cards to provoke this?

    Also, say you're on PC for five years and you rack up ten 2pts infractions for double-posting or "spamming." Is that user permanently banned regardless how spaced out these infractions were (under the following)?

    You will be banned permanently if you accumulate 20 points or more.
    Just wondering if time and the actual "badness" of the infractions is taken into account. I'd say a person who in five years is receives infractions for double-posting should be allowed leniency compared to a user who's around for three years and receives ~20 points for posting illegal content, content theft with a few double-posts tossed in there. Especially if typically the former person's posts are informative, helpful and they had no intention of actually doing any harm.

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