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I'm pretty sure you'd need the full 10 infractions (red) to provoke that 3-month ban. Generally staff tends to stop giving warnings [edit: and default to infractions] once someone's accumulated so many anyway, though, unless it's over a very long time in which case...

The system automatically bans you after 20 points but if it were over a really long time, you could probably appeal it and the hstaff would look over your case to see if you deserve a second chance. Usually if it's at that point, though, the person should really know better, but if they're usually a really good member and they've just slipped up enough times over many years, it's not unheard of for leniency to be shown. Generally by that time they should just know better though.

(Points are only given out if there's an actual infraction applied and after so many years and enough warnings/infractions, there's really no reason someone shouldn't know the rules or shouldn't know to be careful of what they say/do if they're prone to controversial posts.)

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