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    Charles Tevon

    Charles looked at Elsa, staring her down. She rolled her eyes and muttered, "Can we get on with this?" She reached into her pocket and pulled out a Pokeball. She threw the Pokeball with a hefty lob, and it sailed into the center of the battle area. The battle area was more of an area in between the lab and the hotel that they had moved to. The fighting with the Houndoom was going on behind them. Charles hoped that wouldn't interfere. Out of the Pokeball popped an icy vanilla ice cream looking thing. Opening his Pokedex, he looked to see if the Pokemon had any special properties. He couldn't tell.

    Vanillite, the Fresh Snow Pokemon. Theoretically, this Pokémon formed from icicles bathed in energy from the morning sun. Their breath is -58° F. An ice type.

    "More like the ice cream Pokemon," Charles smirked. He threw the Pokeball, and it flew way off-course. He would really have to work on his throwing arm. The device landed way to the right of the Vanillite, releasing the little creature. The Vanillite looked at the Riolu for a moment, and smirked. "Vanillite, use Icicle Spear!" The Pokemon's hand grew into a spear, and it charged towards Riolu. "Dodge it!" Charles screamed, racking his brain for something to use. Riolu jumped to the side, but the Vanillite blocked it and smashed its spear into Riolu multiple times. Thinking hard, Charles said, "Quick! Endure!" Charles breathed out a sigh of relief as it worked, and Riolu grimaced, holding in its last bit of strength. Charles had gotten lucky. He only remembered that move, because his father's Lucario had used it, and Charles hoped Riolu knew it. He had to check the its moves in the Pokedex.

    "Riolu knows: Foresight, Quick Attack, Endure, and Flame Kick.

    Flame Kick? That would be useful against an ice type. "Vanillite, use Icicle Spear once more." Charles got his wits together and said, "Quick, Riolu, use Flame Kick, multiple times!" Riolu shook its head and kicked ferociously. Before the hit landed, its leg became completely enveloped in flame. The hit smashed into the Vanillite. It was at a very close range, and the kick packed quite a punch. The Vanillite wheeled over backwards, and fainted onto the ground.

    Elsa stared at Charles with a fire in her eyes, "I'm not done yet!" She released the second Pokeball, and out came a purple bird looking thing. Charles raised the Pokedex in wonder. He had never seen anything like it before.

    "Murkrow, the Darkness Pokemon. If spotted, it will lure an unwary person into chasing it then lose the pursuer on mountain trails. It is a Dark and Flying type."

    "It doesn't look very dark," Charles noted. Elsa sneered, "That's because it's shiny." Charles' eyes widened and Elsa screamed, "Confuse Ray!" The Pokemon's eyes stared to glow, and a beam shot out of them that made Riolu look kind of drunk. He stared blinking a lot, and swaying. Charles said, "Riolu, use Quick Attack." His Pokemon ran very quickly towards Charles, and he jumped out of the way. Riolu kept on running, and ended up with his face planted into a rock. "Now finish it off with Peck!" The witch woman screamed. The Murkow flew up to Riolu, and pecked him in the back very hard. "Endure!" cried Charles. But it was too late. No breakfast for him, and he lost his first battle ever...

    Death to Plasma?


    That was nice, how you had Cinder not paying attention to you at first, and having a "punishment" come of it. Keep it up!


    Okay, so your whole post was a paragraph, that was way too short. Two paragraphs would have been okay, but you rushed it. A lot. Plus, I don't know if you read this in my other post to Game_sloth, but you have two level five Pokemon against one, what? About level 26 Pokemon. I don't think you should be able to beat it, but if you do, give me details, details, details. I had Charles lose, it's fine you lose also. Either way, your are probably still going to gain a level or two.


    Obviously I'm talking to myself, just saying Riolu grows to level 6 and learns Counter.
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