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    Things you need
    Mid2agb.exe (converts)
    Sappy (where to insert)
    Midi file (to convert)
    This should be easy won't take 2 minutes.
    Okay, step by step. If you need Midi go to here
    1. click start and Open run. Should be at the bottom right.
    2. type cmd and press enter
    3. type CD (location) I'll explain.
    If you have your mid2agb folder to your desktop or to any other
    location. It should be like this for example "CD Desktop" or to where
    your folder maybe to document, my computer etc. If your folder at the desktop
    and your folder has another folder it should be like this.

    4. You should end at your Mid2agb folder look at the first image spoiler it ends in mid2agb folder. (NOTE: Midi must be at Mid2agb folder)
    5. Time to convert, type Mid2agb.exe(space)(Midi File name) It should be like this.

    6. Now hit enter then this should appear.
    If "Mid2agb Complete, no problem."
    Didn't appear means it doesn't work or it said "error" means it's not capable.

    7. Success! Inserting? As the title says (Convert midi to Sappy file)
    Inserted music here.
    Music is art
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