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Originally Posted by Craftymango View Post
Hey guys im new here and hoping to make a good impression on the community, I run a channel called Craftymango!

Pokemon from birth till deaht!
Originally Posted by Anszkz.DkLt View Post
Hey guys...

I'm Anszkz.DkLt which is my codename in a group me and my friends created...

Anszkz stands for "Aneszkiez" which is a nonsensical name that me and my friends have come up for our group...

DkLt stands for DarkLIGHT which is my individual codename in the group so I guess you could call me that or David... Idk, it's totally your choice...

I'm a fresh HS graduate and I'm hoping to get in my country's flagship state university (University of the Philippines) this coming school year...

Oh and btw, yes, I do use the ellipsis (...) a lot... Seriously...
Originally Posted by Enestor27 View Post
Hi guys I'm new here. I just came here mostly to discover the new news of pokemon and finding new poke hacks to play on my free time. I forgot to mention my name is Enestor (don't ask how the name came about, it's a weird story). But I do actually do videos, if you were wondering just type my name on a youtube search and you'll find me, but I just wanted to just branch out to the pokecommunity. I hope to see some interesting news and hacks from this website :D
And a big welcome from me too to you guys!

PC is a great community and I'm sure you'll be kept busy for ages! Everyone here is friendly, and some are even very helpful and not to mention all the fun stuff you can do here!

Craftymango, nice to see you're already making a mark in the Let's Plays subsection in Video Games, you can advertise your YouTube channel via your signature and someone may subscribe to you. Can't wait to see your videos!

Anszkz, good news that you graduated from high school and we have a fair few Filipinos here, some of which I talk to regularly. Speaking of the Philippines, we have a Filipino Club where you can interact with your fellow Filipino PC members. Go check it out if you like.

And hi Enestor, interesting name you have! As Cid pointed out, you might want to check out our Pokemon X & Pokemon Y section where you can keep yourself updated on all the news and speculation surrounding the new games. There's also Emulation for all the hacking-related stuff. And I hope you eventually check out the other parts of PC too.

Have fun here guys, and I'm always open for a visitor message if you need to talk!
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