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    Originally Posted by Hugo_Cool View Post
    Nice hack! I've watched some vids on youtube and I'm really looking to play this one! Congrats mate! By the way, are lucario, zoroark, togekiss, gardevoir, kingdra, mewtwo, Hydreigon and all of the eeveelutions available to train with? Thanks in advance
    All those Pokemon you mentioned are avaliable except Hydreigon, because I made it in another project, as for the eeveelutions, only Sylveon is not avaliable in this hack, just like Hydreigon, it is avaliable in another project.

    Originally Posted by R94PT View Post
    any tips how to get on top of that building in the island

    That buliding is not avaliable in this hack, it is avaliable in another hack.

    Originally Posted by 搞五搞六 View Post
    In the ending anime, the heroine is in the wrong coulour. I'm sorry that I don't know how to describe it.
    I fixed it, and sadly, I falied to add the Physical/Special icons as there's no room for them, I'm regret to say this, sorry.

    Originally Posted by magikarp1234 View Post
    Updated: I got arceus, finished fountain event, got eliza, another dragon from B&W, deoxys.
    (At first, I thought I need to win central area 1 times XD)

    Currently, I am doing expert S but where should I start? I also have white eevee-S in my PC for some reason which I couldn't remember...
    And is building on grey island available?

    Also, bug: bug legendary and white dragon from B&W don't disappear after I catch them.
    You can meet Expert S somewhere after you defeated the E4, and as for the bug you mentioned, I checked it and can't find this problem, sorry.

    Originally Posted by Lucasbryant View Post
    Is lileep in this hack? Ive found the claw but not the root fossil.
    Yes, it is in this hack.

    Originally Posted by Jdog158 View Post a good.hack I almost everything. I just need shymin, darkri, keldeo, reshiram, mewtwo, latias. I also need the ancient sword I just cant find the cave
    The cave is a special one and it's not Mt.Skywall.

    Originally Posted by BragoKing View Post
    Where do you find smoochum? And starly?
    Sorry, they're all not avaliable in this hack.

    Originally Posted by R94PT View Post
    Just did everything there was to do, is zekram available?

    jdog the sword is in a cave south of redwood, keldeo south of your house the others dont remember

    and if you have latios yu wont have latias
    If the player is female Zekrom will be avaliable on the top of Jade Volcano, if the player is male, the Reshiram will be avaliable there.

    Originally Posted by Poptartzz View Post
    This is a really cool game!! I got my 1st badge and I was wondering how you made this. I wanted to make my own for a while now. If it's no trouble, could you tell me how you made it?
    This is not easy to describe here, you can try to learn if from somewhere.

    Originally Posted by mihir View Post
    Um, got this hack and i was wondering, do you have the physical/special split from gen 4? Because that would be awesome.
    Yes, this hack countains Physical/Special split.

    Originally Posted by topgunitsme View Post
    yeah i havent done that

    where do i get the central ticket?
    After the Orange Villa event, go to the airport and Uranium will give you one.

    Originally Posted by pokemonmasteriknowthisnamesomeonehas View Post
    anybody want to know a cheat in pokemon victory fire.

    Whenever I catch a pokemon i make it level 100 in 2 minutes want to know how.
    How could that happens? I don't know, sorry.

    Originally Posted by mihir View Post
    How do I get past amberyellow city?

    I beat everyone in the library, I can't find the cursed book, there is a surf path blocking my way to the west, to the north there is a cut tree and the gym leader of amberyellow city hasn't returned!!

    Sorry, I missed the cave. For some reason, I couldn't see it. Now I'm moving on with the game.
    You need to go through Light Path and reach the Cutter's house to finish the event there.

    Originally Posted by smilepokeMark View Post
    Hey how many chances does Driftloon show in Cayon Path please.Because when I first play it I encounter a Driftloon.Now I want it because I need a flying type(I don't like Pidove.)So please.
    It's hard to meet it, but you can simply keep on trying.

    Originally Posted by Dark Revenger View Post
    I played version 2.27 for half an hour and I feel the need to quote each of your words. It was just frustrating.
    Sorry for the words, I really not good at typing the text.

    Originally Posted by mihir View Post
    Seriously, does this game have a physical/special split? Because a scraggy used faint attack on my pokemon and when i used light screen, it did the same amount! And my litwick's shadow ball did twice as much of ember. So I need to know whether you have a physical/special split or not.
    Ysr,the physical/Special split does exist in this hack.

    Originally Posted by klausiboy View Post
    i just beat the challenge bridge, and then, it said that my save file had been deleted because it had been corrupted, anything i can do?
    Make sure you adjust the saving settings into 128KB, and I must say, you should restart.

    Originally Posted by mihir View Post
    Where do I get tm fire blast?

    Why can't floatzel learn ice beam from a tm when it learns it by level up??

    And I found one or two bugs in this awesome game, but can't upload them.
    If possible, tell me more about the bugs, thanks.

    Originally Posted by IamHereNot View Post
    I found the Silver Sword. What is the purpose of this sword?
    It is about the event of Eliza.

    Originally Posted by mihir View Post
    When does fraxure evolve? It's supposed to evolve at level 48 but it's already level 52! Please help!
    It evolves at Lv60.

    Originally Posted by valkyrus View Post
    Hi, I have a small problem, apparently my game clock is stopped and with that time changes, so the pokemon that evolve at night or in the day and do not evolve. believe they could give me a solution to this, the version I use is the last one, the one in the first post.
    Please adjust the saving settings to 128KB.

    Originally Posted by mihir View Post
    I beat ALL the gyms in western TYRON, but I can't battle the challenge bridge and can't fly to the last four towns. 1158, this needs to be solved!
    Yes, it's ture that you can't fly to there, sorry, I may consider about doing something for this.

    Originally Posted by valkyrus View Post
    Is there any tutor moves in the game?, If so, in what city?
    In Halfleaf City's Moves Research Club.

    Originally Posted by benjoseph123 View Post
    please help me wheres expert s
    Try to find him somewhere in Greenland City.

    Originally Posted by mihir View Post
    Please make a PC in the battle bridge, 1158!!
    You can heal your Pokemon with the nurse joy's help there.

    Originally Posted by Bzeeinsanity View Post
    Hey is it possible i can re battle genesect if i defeat him?
    Sorry, Genesect will disappear forever after that, I'm really sorry.

    Originally Posted by LSA2013 View Post
    Quick question: I just updated to the newest version (I originally downloaded the game in early February) and copied my save file from the older version to the new one, but I don't see the new version's changes, for example, I remember reading about a fix for Holy Karst Falls and some other things, but I'm not seeing those changes.

    Do I really have to restart from scratch? I've beaten the E4 several times already and have several Pokemon that I've raised into the 80s that are not legendaries.

    Also, I'm getting extremely frustrated with trying to hunt down the guy who has the Key that Uranium needs on Crystal Villa. I beat the guy in Redwood City and the only hint I got was that the guy would be "at the end of a long path" next. I've scoured very nearly all of the east side of the region and all of the currently accessible part of the west side of the region.
    Try ro find him in Marble Grassland.

    Originally Posted by valkyrus View Post
    Help me please, when I won the league pokemon and saved the game, after the part where the screen goes black and says "THE END", while trying to load the game denuevo tells me the data is corrupt, erased, what I can do?.
    Please adjust the saving settings to 128KB, and if you'd like, please restart it.

    Originally Posted by SonicBlazePlatinum View Post
    I defeated Challenge Bridge, Central Area, and all the Trick House mazes, what else is there to do in Pokemon Victory Fire? I know that there are legendary Pokemon and probably Eliza. Also I like how the ROM Hack feels like Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 in a way.
    I think there're just some legendary Pokemon there after you finished all those things in this hack,the leagendary Pokemon just like Shaymin, Mewtwo, Mew, Keldeo, Arceus, Giratina, Cressilia, Darkrai, Deoxys, Latios(Only for male player)/Latias(Only for female players), Reshiram(For male players)/Zekrom(For female players) and some special Pokemon like Rotom, Volcarona and so on, Eliza will help you in battle afte you get Silver Sword, after these, I think majority of the events in this game are finished.
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