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    A Wolf's Rain RP would be cool imo.

    ...I was also thinking of a Steins;Gate RP, but then I noticed how impossible that would be and dropped the idea within five minutes.

    @Psycho- That sounds like... I think it was Battle Royale. Don't quote me on that, I've only heard of it (shame). But that certainly sounds familiar. The only problem, I suppose, (I think that this was raised earlier ago) is when it comes time for the RPers to die, if they are to die. That kinda makes me rethink lots of stuff.

    I've had lots of RPs that I've thought of where the characters themselves are forced to die in the middle and I always throw the ideas away because that would put one person in the spotlight (and I certainly wouldn't want that), or makes RPers have to abandon their character mid-RP. And because of that it takes me a while to make RPs. I wish there was some way around that

    @Wolf- I dunno what you would be smoking. You tell me.
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