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tbh, I don't think they should extend the main story line too much after the E4. Part of the Pokemon games' usual thing is to have you go beat the champion. The whole point was to train your pokemon to become the strongest. I mean, if they decided that you get a new goal, you might as well scrap the whole E4, why bother challenging them if you didn't even want to become the strongest? A game with a completely new story line would be cool, and I'd definitely like it, but we already know there are gyms in Pokemon X & Y. (Btw I also think this forum is starting to become a 'How could we improve pokemon games?' discussion forum, not really X and Y). Since there are gyms, there's an E4, which means your goal is to become the strongest. I just can't see them adding a new goal post E4, as the whole journey would have no point if they did that. The current method is fine, unless they radically redesigned the games. I would love lotsa new side quests though, considering that space is getting much easier to make compact and they could add lots of more stuff, and just give you random little things to do. Like, dunno, find a little girl's stolen pokemon for her, try solve a puzzle to get an item, a bit more of a challenge finding legends other than simply battling lotsa wild pokes, and so on. For X and Y, there just doesn't seem to be anything else upcoming other than the traditional format and maybe a few more sidequests.
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