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I'd like to point out a few things:

Ok, so it seems like some people are still not sold on having an events subsection somewhere and I can sort of understand why. However, let me point out that such sections have existed before for the purposes of organizing all manners of events in the "Get Together" events and such. I believe that such a subforum would allow members to suggest events, create them and submit them for approval. Once submitted and the post is reviewed and approved by the section moderator(s) for viability and compliance; the thread would have a month to organize a staff member to second it, organize as many members/staff members as necessary to run the event smoothly, collect sufficient members expressing interest in joining the event and setting up a time/date to have the event.

If after a month, the event falls through then the thread would need to be re-submitted for approval by PMing the mod and reposting the thread if necessary.

I don't believe such a section has to be active, as it's purpose is to allow members to host their own events that they'd be interested in. It would eliminate the need to wait, and provide staff a framework to submit their own events as well if they wish to hold an event outside of the usual normal timeframes of holidays and get together sort of events. Not to mention moderators running events in their own sections wouldn't need to use the subforum to get their event approved, they could just announce them there to get eyes on their section because of an event. So events that would otherwise be overlooked because they're posted in a sticky in your section would get some exposure because people would be looking to the events subforum to look into events they might find interesting. So everybody wins, and it saves the administrative overhead of hiding and unhiding a forum come "Get Together" season.
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