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    Well time for update #1 only up to the 1st gym next on will be longer my pokemon will be name after what year of the games that they are in such as Year1 A or Year5 B well time to start

    UPDATE 1
    Got a Mudkip (DO YOU LIKE MUDKIPZ???)
    Got Poochyena
    Trained Poochyena to lvl 10
    Talked to my "dad" it went like this "Dad can I 'team' with you?" "No later you have to beat me first" "OK" HINT HINT
    Beat Roxanne almost with ease


    Mudkip lvl 15 Female
    Poochyena lvl 10 Male

    UPDATE 2

    Mudkip became a teen during the games (aka It evolved)
    Beat Brawly
    Trained Poochyena to Lvl 22
    Went back to get the EXP Share
    Poochyena became a teen during the games (still training at this point)
    Got Poochyena to lvl 22 and beat my rival
    Beat Wattson OHKO all his pokemon
    Got a geodude for Rock smash
    Beat Flannery (We are half way done)


    Marshtomp lvl 29
    Mightyena lvl 29


    Geodude lvl 7