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While I'm waiting for my pizza to cool off (since I apparently left it in the microwave for too long, ugh. I knew I should've left it for just around 45 seconds), I'm going to write this nice tl;dr post. I kind of felt you guys deserved it, especially at this point, even though a lot of it has pretty much been said already.

You guys, as the Pokecommunity staff...I'm thankful for all of you. You guys create this thread, and it shows that you guys are really making an effort to get closer to the community. Honestly, I'd like to apologize for my own misconceptions about you guys, because I initially thought you guys were kind of like this one huge, intimidating clique or something, but I realized I was wrong. That you guys care about PC, that you guys love PC, and for that, I feel bad for having those misconceptions. D:

Honestly...I'm not going to say you guys are perfect, but that shouldn't be the aim of a staff team. I doubt any staff team on /any/ forum is perfect. You guys care about the community, and honestly, it's time for me to do something for you guys. I know a lot of you have explained a lot about yourselves, and tried defending yourselves against member misconceptions. It's time for me to do the same. I figured it might mean a lot more coming from a member standpoint, especially after knowing you guys after a while. So without further ado, here's my long post.


Where should I begin first? I can safely say that I know at least a good majority of the mods. While I'm not going to say that I speak with staff members all that frequently, I do enough to know the kind of people they are, and honestly, they're not as intimidating as you guys might think! They're regular people, just like you and me, just like that neighbor across the street, like the friends that you hang out with on a daily basis, y'know? They're people. They're people with a dedication to a Pokemon forum, and while some of them may question "well, why are you spending that much time on an internet forum?" I bet most of them can come up with a very simple answer. "Because I love this forum, and I've made many memories here".

This sounds like the cheesiest answer to give, but it's true! People have met each other here, people found relationships here, started strong bonds and whatnot, and you'd never would've thought it would've happened at first glance, just by looking at this site. This site is a true community, but it's staff is really what make it so enjoyable in the first place! When you need someone to talk to about a problematic member, there's always a staff member to help you out with your troubles.

Take it from me, guys. As someone that knows a good majority of the staff and have talked with at least a good majority of them once, I can definitely tell you that they don't bite, and hardly any of them are even intimidating in the slightest. They're very approachable, don't mind being asked questions, and really, they're there for a reason. They love PC, they treasure the memories that come with it, and they'd be already there to help you out whenever possible.

To all new members and old members alike that are intimidated of staff: Again, don't be. I realize that the concerns in this thread are because of what h-staff /could/ do and have the /capabilities/ of doing, and I suppose that makes sense in a way. They're powerful people in a sense, but they're responsible with it, otherwise they wouldn't be h-staff yeah? So really, there's no worries about that. ^^;

In any case...I hope this didn't come off as suckup-ish in any way. Just wanted to help you guys out. :3

This post wasn't as long as I hoped it would be. Oh well, this'll do!

I'll be chasing waterfalls tonight

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