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Final update for LeafGreen

-Managed to get through Rock Tunnel in about 45 minutes
*insert victory music here*
-Went to Route 8 and cleared it out of trainers
-Got the Tea from Celadon and went to Saffron to get Psychic for Man Lady
-Destroyed Erika. Seriously. I OHKO'd her whole team.
-Took out the Rocket Hideout.
-Owned my rival in Pokemon Tower.
-Dealt with the ghost of Cubone's mother and took down the grunts that were the cause of it (I think they were the ones who killed the Marowak. All I know is that Team Rocket caused it.)
-Killed the Snorlax by Celadon after I went and got Fly
-Went to Fuchsia City to get Surf and Strength
-Got Surf on my 2nd try of going through the Safari Zone
-Got Strength from the Safari Zone Warden
-Instead of doing Fuchsia City Gym, I went to Saffron and got through Silph Co.
-Owned my rival and Giovanni in Silph Co.
-Dominated the dojo in Saffron
-Went back and took down Koga in Fuchsia City
-Headed to Cinnabar Island
-Went and owned a bunch of trainers on the water before tackling the Pokemon Mansion
-Got the Secret Key, along with a couple TMs from the Pokemon Mansion
-Went and took out Blaine
-Headed to One Island, dispite the fact I never did Saffron City Gym yet
-Went to Two Island for about five minutes
-Went to Three Island and owned some bikers
-Saved a little girl from a Lullaby's Cave incident
-Got teleported back to Two Island and delivered the Meteorite
-Went back to Cinnabar Island
-Finally went back to Saffron to go and tackle the gym
-Owned Sabrina
-Went back to Viridian to take on the gym there at last
-Dominated Giovanni with Man Lady
-Owned my rival at Route 22
-Went through the Badge Check and entered the 2nd worst Victory Road ever
-Survived Victory Road
-Went back through Kanto and trained up Magmanos a bit since he was a level lower
-Owned Ms. Ice Types with Bolt and killed her Jynx with Magmanos.
-Bruno brought me some problems, but Magmanos finished the job on his Hitmonlee and Machamp.
-Agatha's 2nd Gengar was a bit annoying, but I still won.
-Lance wasn't too hard, surprisingly. Bolt got Hyper Beamed by Aerodactyl, but no deaths other than that. Man Lady even killed his Dragonite in one shot.
-My rival took some time and strategy, but thanks to Man Lady and using Lovely Kiss to put Arcanine and Venusaur to sleep, I came out on top and became the champion.

Team (Final):

Man Lady (Jynx) Lv. 55 @ Nothing
Nature: Impish
Ability: Oblivious
Moves: Water Pulse, Psychic, Lovely Kiss, Ice Punch
The "Man Lady" of the team and the Ice Punch user of the three man elemental punch squad. I seriously underestimated the potential Jynx has, and I honestly thought that Jynx would be my LVP in this run, but I was dead wrong. Jynx really proved to be a valuable asset to the team, especially after learning Psychic, which made it even better. Electabuzz may have also earned it, but I'm making Man Lady my MVP for the run.

Bolt (Electabuzz) Lv. 55 @ Nothing
Nature: Serious
Ability: Static
Moves: Thunderbolt, Brick Break, Thunderpunch, Mega Kick
Bolt and Man Lady were pretty tied for MVP, but I chose Man Lady. Bolt started off slow, only having three moves until I got Mega Kick for him from the Move Tutor on Route 4. But, once he got Brick Break, Bolt was actually really good at taking things down fast with a physical move, dispite being a special attacker with good speed for an Electabuzz. But, with the lack of TMs that Bolt could learn in LeafGreen, I felt a bit restricted to what I could teach Bolt, so I had to keep his moveset the same all the way until he finally learned Thunderbolt, which was later than Magmanos learning Flamethrower. Man Lady felt more diverse in terms of moves, so Bolt is the middle man.

Magmanos (Magmar) Lv. 53 @ Quick Claw
Nature: Calm
Ability: Flame Body
Moves: Flamethrower, Confuse Ray, Strength, Fire Punch
Roles were reversed big time here. I can't fully believe that Magmanos wasn't really too good compared to Man Lady and Bolt. He was a bit slower, and that was a bit of a letdown. Sadly, Magmanos was the only thing I had that could learn Strength, so I had to get rid of Smokescreen, and I considered Confuse Ray a better choice for a move because it has 100 accuracy. Anyway, bottom line, Magmanos was my LVP this time around. If only he was a Magmorter, he'd most likely shine over Man Lady.

I might go on and do a Gen 2 game next with this same trio, but not quite yet. Maybe after I finish another challenge.