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Originally Posted by Pikapal642 View Post
You...have the exact same job as me. Like, almost exactly the same. I work in a pizza restaurant, I mostly rolled dough for the past 6 months, and now I am officially a shift supervisor as well (although I am in training so there is a difference.) And I usually open most of the time haha! It's actually kinda funny, I feel most comfortable opening, even though everyone says it is harder than closing. Dunno why, just easier for my brain I guess.

And btw our crew is better than yours, just sayin'. (Only kinda kidding haha xD)
Let's be pizza bros 8D

At my job, opening is way easier. I don't like closing at all. When I close I feel rushed to get everything done on time, and there's a million things to do to close in addition to trying to sell food. There's a bit of that with opening, but at least I can eventually catch up. Also, I like having to get up early but get out of the mall by 5pm tops.

So when you say roll dough, do you just stretch it out and other people top it, or do you make the rest of the pizza too? At my job I do all the steps in the recipe, but we're a by-the-slice place, and we're slow enough we never need more than 2 people making food at once and when we do we're making two different items at once. The only time we do an assembly line is when we have a huge catering order.
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