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Have I had a job before/do I have one now?

Technically the answer is no on both counts I suppose. I have only had paid work on a few occasions but never a steady job as such. I have also done a lot of voluntary work etc...

Examples of what I have done?
I have done tutoring, looking after a kid (sort of), I have manned cake stalls and sausage sizzles on numerous occasions to earn money for my fundraising account and I routinely teach/assist in the teaching of dance which sometimes results in me getting money taken off of my own lessons... hell I have even gotten paid before.

I have enjoyed each and every one of those experiences really... bar tutoring a girl with an attitude problem. Even then I enjoyed the work for the most part, she just got on my nerves sometimes. My focus has always been on my studies and interests than on long-term employment but once I complete my degree this will quite probably change.

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