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Do you have one/have you had them before?

I had a job at a local restaurant and a local Costco. Both of which I was fired 3 months after starting. I now work at Target, opening next month (Oooh setting up a store woo)

What do/did you do? Did you like it?
  • Smitty's: Washed dishes, and it was awful. They don't schedule in breaks well, so if you're busy, you basically don't get one.
  • Costco: Packed groceries in the Front End and maintained the Self-Checkout. SCO was the best part of any day imo.
  • Target: I basically keep the store clean, making sure the store is presentable and stuff, and even though it's cleaning, it's so much fun to work there. I might see if I can transfer to the Electronics/Entertainment department though. It's my niche.
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