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I have had three jobs thus far

First was a kiddie land ride op in 2010 for the amusement park here. It wasn't a bad job at all, in fact it was kind of fun. Had to leave in August though due to the need to return to school and transport then becoming a problem.

Then it was a big chain grocery store for 5 months from June-November 2012. I absolutely despised it, especially when they would not leave my schedule alone. I'd be doing early mornings one week and then overnights the next. I wasn't allowed to have a life... at all. Eventually I told them to screw off and quit with no notice in the middle of my shift at three in the morning.

Now I work in a regional chain and it's not so bad. My store manager got OCD one day and screwed with the department, but compared to what happened to my old job it's a freaking godsend. At least these people have respect towards me attending school and do their best to work around it.
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