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Adrian Frode

Adrian, with Spencer not far behind, ran across the hot, red Australian dirt of the Great Sandy Desert at an even pace. Their target, a large and horned fire demon, was loping across the landscape slowly so there was no need for the pair of reapers to move too fast and Adrian, probably Spencer to, welcomed the reprieve after the intensity of the previous mission.

"We'll have caught up to it in less than ten minutes... if it can't move any faster than that this will be easy I think. But then again, anything can happen in our line of work". After their first encounter the two had said little to each other, which didn't bother Adrian much - he liked good company but even the simplest missions should be taken seriously in his eyes. The two ran for another five minutes before they heard the twang of a taught string being released and the whistle of a projectile... or multiple projectiles flying through the air. Adrian whirled drawing his sword in the same motion cutting the group of projectiles, which turned out to be arrows, out of the air and leaving them in a pile at his feet. He looked to see two figures standing a little less than two hundred metres away from he and Spencer, who had also stopped.

The first, and taller of the two, was the one who had shot the arrows (identifiable by the bow he carried ). He was tall, a little taller than Adrian and of a similar build to him. The harbinger, as he clearly was, was an albino with spiky white hair tied into a ponytail and sharp eyes... one of which was covered by a black eye patch. He wore simple black pants and a loose, black shirt with a large v-neck descending to slightly above his navel over which was a white robe - yet to be marred by the red dirt. He had a well-stocked quiver on his back identifying him as a ranged fighter but he also had a sword of a deep blue colour hanging at his hip. His partner was a (seemingly) young woman, significantly shorter than her cohort but of a similar build. She had neck length, straight brown hair with a long fringe. She wore pants the same as the male harbinger and a simple white jacket. Around her arms were thin blue bracelets, around her neck a black bandanna. She carried no weapons bar some thin blades, seemingly meant for throwing, hanging from her belt. Adrian guessed she preferred to fight at close-range.

"How in the hell did they know we were going to be here?" Adrian wondered aloud before turning to Spencer "I'm fairly certain we will have to take these two out before being able to go after our demon, which will take time and probably put us at a disadvantage... we can't afford a drawn out battle so we should deal with them quickly."
So much for an easy mission, anything really can happen in our line of work.

Adrian looked at the bow that the albino was already re-stringing and immediately realised that Spencer would be at a disadvantage against the harbinger with the long-ranged weapon -
and unfortunately good accuracy he thought to himself remembering that he had shot a volley of arrows, at the same time, all of which had been perfectly aimed.
"You take the woman, I'll take the guy with bow" Adrian said to Spencer and without waiting for a reply quickly crossed the distance between he and the harbingers - cutting down another volley as he went.

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