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I am working on a Crysis based RP. It is just a skeleton as of now but here it goes:

The RP takes place between the events of Crysis 2 and 3. CELL has started using CEPH technology to achieve great position in global market, especially in energy. Nanosuits are banned and existing Nanosuit users are being skinned off. New York is getting turned into an urban jungle and CELL is using the vast sprawl for a machine used for energy generation. Opposing CELL's motives are the Resistance, an underground organization who wants to prevent CELL's global domination and rebuild their own paradise. Reports of CEPH uprising are starting to surface. . . .

Players can RP either side of this conflict. Weapon arsenal consists just human technology. This would be a horror themed, survival based RP where each side has its motives and neither can be termed good or evil. Many a situation would need multiple players to cooperate to survive and the players *may* die... Sometimes the CELL and Resistance have to work together against domestic, foreign and alien threats.

Overall, it would be a short, action packed RP but emotional struggles would be a them too!
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