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    Originally Posted by AllergicProductions View Post
    First off, I just wanted to say that I really like this game. I love the concept and the freedom it provides the player. I would say there is almost nothing I don't like about the game. That being said, I have a question/concern and a suggestion for future versions of the game.

    1) Would you mind checking to make sure Yanma and Yanmega are obtainable? I think Yanma is supposed to appear in the River, but I have yet to encounter a single one, even though I've encountered every other Pokémon that appears there multiple times (including two shiny Croagunk). Did you perhaps accidentally leave it out of the game or give it an extremely low appearance rate? Or am I just unlucky?

    2) In the future, you may want to consider a different way to obtain the fossils. As it is, obtaining them comes down to chance and patience, nothing more. This would be okay, but considering how slowly the Underground runs on certain screens, having to wander around that place over and over again while hoping you'll get a fossil you don't have yet can get really annoying.

    Also, if you're still looking for help with spelling and grammar, I'd love to help out. I used to correct student essays for grammar every now and then, so I think I help you out with that. I'm not sure how much time I can commit since I am somewhat busy with college, but I'd still like to do what I can to help make this amazing game even better.
    Wow! Two shinies Croagunks!? What is your game time?

    1) Yanma is VERY rare, but only appeared when you are surfing.
    2) Like a Hiker said, there's a room that have more chances that you find an Underground treasure than others. Anyway, I gonna find some solution for the Underground slow. Regardless, maybe I will increase the fossils percentage rate.

    Yes! You can send me the spelling and grammar erros that you find!

    Originally Posted by help mee View Post
    hello can i ask? where i can find volbeat??
    Originally Posted by FL . View Post
    Volbeat can only be found by a Illumise that can only be found at Local Trade Station.

    Originally Posted by pjpogi1996 View Post
    This game is good and a fast forward feature to increase gameplay speed will make it AWESOME!!!!
    Originally Posted by FL . View Post
    The fastforward makes the game looks a little unnatural and isn't too necessary because I put several options to make the game can be more quick like reverse run (you normally run and when holding the run button you walk), quick battle start, quick hp bar up/down speed, etc...
    Originally Posted by FL . View Post
    I am thinking about new ways of making the game faster without a fastforward button. Probably I will put an option to make the text more fast in battle.
    But please don't stop sending your opinions about this.

    Originally Posted by morckin View Post
    after lvl18.

    Some bugs:
    1. After finishing lvl17, whenever I finish any level from 15 or below, the game will say you finished lvl 17 and the game will end.
    2. The energy root is not working properly.

    1. How can I find feebas and corsola, is there any technique or whatever? Should I use any kind of rod? I already collected 582 pokemon.
    2. How can I have the pokemon starter which my rival had in the beginning of the game?
    3. I had opened a story where the game goes black and there is a person outside of pokecenter and babbling about pokemon and human dies... what was that?(just curios)
    Wow 582! Really? What's your game time?

    You can get legendaries a few ranks before.

    Some bugs:
    1. Will be fixed in 1.1f. I can't believe that nobody noticed this!
    2. What version you are using? I thought that this is corrected in 1.1e.

    1. Both can only be found with Super Rod. Corsola at Den, isn't too rare. Feebas can be found at Tunnel, Plains and Forest, but it is very rare in all three.
    2. Keep filling the Pokédex, and when it is almost complete, a special event will trigger with your rival.
    3. Just a Lavender Town easter egg.
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