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MusicIsMyLife - Open For Business!
Trainer Information
~scroll down for more~
OT: Juliet | ID: 33326
FC: #### #### ####

OT: Ashlyn | ID: 42245
FC: 4299 3587 4046

More pokemon to come!
Gen V Pokemon coming soon!
~Please follow them!~
→ The pokemon offered here are all legit, so no hacks please!
→ I clone all my pokemon.
→ All pokemon offered here are Lv 1.
→ I live in Singapore, so my time zone is GMT+8.
→ If you need any events, I have some .pkm files from that I can send to my game to trade you, so if there's anyone that doesn't mind them, I'll be happy to give them to you free ;D
→ If you want anything, don't be afraid to ask, I may have them~
→ I have both genders available for the non-shinies.
→ Codes I use: Fast Egg Hatch, All Items
Currently Trading
~Please be patient~
~Just tell me if you need anything~
→ Pokemon Transfers/Evolution (I can provide the evolution item)
→ Breeding (For gender/nature/egg moves)
→ Item Trading
→ Move Tutor
~Ask nicely and I may give it to you for free~
→ Shiny Female Babies
→ Flawless Female Babies
→ TRUTH the Gyarados from bozo - I've admired it for ages!
Female Dream World Pokemon
→ Someone to do trade evolutions for my Black 2
→ Anything that might catch my eye, offer me ;D
© twistedpuppy
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