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The tourniquet isn't professional because as a bystander, you don't come equipped with a tie stick. You rip off articles of you own clothing and make do with what you have. If this was acting, they probably would have overproduced by having everybody use proper equipment.

People give directions because they're trained to be first responders. One of the things you have to do is order random bystanders to call 9/11 or get help because you are preoccupied with helping the victim. Also, blood is really that red. I've seen what my own blood looks like on the ground in decently large quantities. The camera sensor can also have a part to play in how it turned out in the photo.

Also the last part about Vogt vs. Bauman. Whoever wrote this article is on crack or needs glasses. They do not have the same hairline. Vogt clearly has a lot more forehead, but I guess the author found it in him or herself to outright lie. And Vogt has straight hair while Bauman has curly hair.
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