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    This pisses me off.
    In this day and age you're either a sheep, or berated as an idiot who's entirerly wrong.

    Proscribing so heavily to the explaination you've been given is no better then completely dismissing it.
    In fact, it's worse. Why, you ask? Because you stop thinking.

    Rain dancer, you should know better then to throw pearls.

    And the rest of you, you should be ashamed of yourselves.
    You occupy your minds with false beliefs because you agree with them, and you close your eyes to anything that doesn't fit in with your picture.
    Maybe you are right, maybe this entire thing has been answered, and the government is all happy friendly to it's people and they would never lie to us.
    But maybe your not. You acknowledge that possibility, right?
    Now, on the chance that you're wrong, would you rather that everybody just swallowed this explaination and this whole thing was forgotten?
    Answer that question for yourself. Hell, think about it.
    But know you this, every great mind, every man who has changed the world, has done so by letting go of their fear to be wrong.

    Livewire, whilst as I'm sure you are tempted to delete this post, and may well, I ask that you leave it up. At the very least maybe it'll be shocking enough to turn gears.
    But I don't know, maybe I'm just an idiot.

    {Never and Forever}

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