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706+707 impressions
okay, so we get the names of all the prominent characters that are about to go all out in block b c and d. Ricky from block b looked a little suspicious and 707 proves I'm kinda right. The fact that a person from the audience mentions how his fighting style looks similar to someone else's and how he can't remmeber his name makes me believe that Ricky is either Kyros himself or is someone related to him. But I can't see Kyros lose so I hope he's a disciple/descendant.

My man Bartolomeo's just chilling. I like the guy and his style, haha. Also, elizabello's punch, though powerful, seems like an exaggeration. Take down a yonko? Doubtful.

The expression that Cavendish made at the end of chapter was priceless. Love how this thing's turning out, overall. We have Bellamy who got quite a lot of character development, troll bartolomeo, Jimbei's friend Hack who looks really interesting, blue gilly who is probably a homage to bruce lee, elizabello and quite possibly the legendary Kyros himself. Block B just got unpredictable.

Loving those 'little' fighting fishes too. Eager to see how things turn out between lucy and cabbage. And don chinjao's history with garp. And ri-kyros. And bellamy and bart. And rebecca. And holu christ so much going on!