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Smashed all the gyms,
caught nidoran(m) at route 3,
caught snorlax before the grass gym,
caught staryu before the poison gym,
made it to the elite four,
grinding the pokes until they where lvl 55 in victory road
made it all the way to gary but lost to his charazard but a sliver, (his hp was on the line),
so gonna try again,

Final update

After having a few dud rounds i bet the gary.

------------------------ HALL OF FAME TEAM-------------------------------------
Starmie, lvl 62
Swift, Recover, Psychic, Surf

Nidoking, lvl 64
Shock wave, Megahorn, Eathquake, Ice beam

Snorlax, lvl 61
Body slam, Surf, Rest, Snore

On to another challenge